October 2019                                CHAIRMAN’S  STATEMENT   

Members and friends, welcome to our October lunch after a summer of incessant rain, day after day of sun and back to rain again more or less in that order. Our lunches and coffee mornings seemed to follow the same fate with some on lovely Warm, sunny days and others including a dash through torrential rain to get to the door. However it is good that both the lunches and coffee mornings have been well attended and continue provide a convivial atmosphere for members, wives and partners to meet and chat.

The talks this quarter have provided travelling photos showing the landscape, birds and wild life inNamibia, an insight into the mindset of a lifetime as a Customs Ofiicial at our Ladies’ Lunch and finally our own personal Beer Festival organised by the Hog’s Back Brewery. I like to think there was some-thing for most people in these talks.As the last three months have passed there have been further occasions where members or their wives have lost their partner. Tony Hill, our long serving Welfare Officer sadly lost his wife Joan in July and any of our members attended the funeral;  August Frank Blake died after 17 years as a member of our club, and in September Nigel Fentiman lost his wife Dorothy. These are sad events but it is good to see how our club can provide moral and practical support to the partners who remain with us.

Our charity donation this quarter was to PHAB that provide help for young people locally with andwithout disabilities. Our donation will be presented at  the October lunch. The Ladies’ Summer Lunch was held at Cuddington Golf Club and was a most enjoyable event and the kitchen seemed to be to able to excel themselves as the golf club was particularly quiet that day.The next Ladies’ Lunch will be the on 4th December, again at Cuddington Golf Club. The menu andan attendance slip will be circulated at the regular lunch in November.29th October will see the last of our Summer Coffee mornings and your Committee look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.I hope you and your families all have an enjoyable autumn with hopefully plenty more mild sunshine.

William Sayers